Penny Emerson // 18 Months

by jordanfaeh

(I finally converted my blog to wordpress, but it’s still not what I want it to look like so bare with me!)

Miss Penny. Where do I even begin. This girl has so much personality for a tiny little body. I am so in love with this stage. Of course I could do without the dramatic meltdowns (the girl could win an academy award) but we spend so much time laughing at all of her adorable quirks. It feels like each day she’s doing something adorable (to me, anyway) that I want to quickly write down so I don’t forget it. But realistically with two little ones I don’t have the time for that so I’m going to do my best to wrap her up in one post.


Her smile. It takes over her whole body. There’s something so special about a child’s smile because it’s genuine. You know if they’re smiling they mean it. The smile isn’t complete without her high-pitched giggle.

A few of her favorite things: escalators and elevators, music, Elmo and a few YouTube songs we let her watch, being outside, watching the birds (“bir!”) from our back door, reading books, her blanket, dancing, and socializing with strangers at the grocery store.


She loves watching Elmo songs on YouTube. One day during her nap she started shouting “eh-mo! eh-mo! eh-mo!” I went in to see what the problem was and he had fallen out of her crib.


She’ll never sit still long enough to watch a show, but she LOVES her YouTube videos. She likes to watch people singing. Some of her favorites are this old video my dad showed me with James Taylor.

And her absolute favorite is this old 80’s show called Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant show. We have watched these videos over…and over…and over. I was shocked at how quickly she caught on and now does the actions along with them.

She loves to read to herself. She’ll talk and talk and point to pictures like she knows exactly what she’s saying. She especially loves her Jesus Storybook Bible (a little too much because I have found torn pages around the house a couple times).


She recently started protesting nap time. I’m not sure why because she used to have a great schedule, but lately she’ll just play in her crib for a couple hours until I come get her. She’s never been a babe who needed a ton of sleep. Even though I wish she would sleep, it is so hilarious to watch her on the monitor. She’ll read, play with her babies, talk to herself, run back and forth, throw all of her things out of the crib then get incredibly angry, etc. The other day I went to check on her and she had her “friends” pinned behind the crib and she was giving them drinks of her water. What a good pal.


I love that she is getting to the stage where she can explore her creativity. She loves to draw with her chalk (“talk”). One day I was bouncing June to sleep and I turned around to find her drawing all over the wall. She was so pleased with herself and I couldn’t help but giggle (and praise God that it was easy to remove).


-Whenever she hears music she starts to bang her head to the beat. She’ll get really serious and run into the living room and start to dance like she can’t control herself. We spend a lot of time dancing in the living room.

-She loves to take baths (“bah!”) and showers. Lately she’ll stand in between my legs holding them tightly while she watches in fascination as the water comes over her.

-Since it hasn’t been nice enough to play outside with June, I’ll open the front door so she can look outside. Whenever a car drives by she says “hi!” and waves. It melts me. Come on, summer! She does the same thing when we are at a store. She waves and says “hi!” to everyone and it’s funny to witness their reactions. Older people LOVE her.

-There is no walking with Penny. She trots everywhere. I love the sound of her diaper as she runs down the hallway.

-We taught her to say “oh yeah” and now I’ll catch her saying it when she’s excited or eating something yummy.

-She is such a talker. Most of the time we have no idea what she’s rambling about but we act like we do. I hadn’t noticed it, but a friend pointed out that a lot of her words end in a question mark. When she’s hungry or wants to watch videos she’ll say “moh?”

-As you can tell by the majority of her photos, she is very expressive. Recently she started making what I like to call the “teenager face”. She’ll do it if I ask her if she pooped or if I told her no or just for the heck of it.


This is a video of her jamming out in Express. This winter we would go to the mall alot to walk around and get some energy out.

Eliminating some distractions from my life has given me the opportunity to enjoy this stage so much. I am falling in love with the person that is Penny Emerson. Her independent personality, her spunk, her determination, her giggle, her imagination. It’s corny, but I feel so privileged to have a front row seat to her development. She’s a go-getter with a soft heart and a whole lotta passion. She’ll do great things one day.