For Your Ears // Mandolin Orange

by jordanfaeh

My family is my first passion.

Music is a close second. I’ve had dreams for years of writing a successful blog filled with music that inspires me. I’m not so sure the successful part with come into play, but with a new face on the blog I’d like to regularly share what I’m listening to. You see, fashion fades. It’s work. For me, anyway. Keeping up with trends, deciding who you want to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super fun to explore styles and be creative but music is timeless. I can still put on Plans from Death Cab for Cutie and remember the exact spring that it played over and over again in my car. Or listen to old Kings of Leon albums and feel like a teenager again. You can’t deny what you like when it comes to music (as much as sometimes I’d like to try)…Snoop Dog’s “Sensual Seduction” anyone…? I know exactly what I like without needing a radio station to tell me and I’d love to share.


My current obsession: Mandolin Orange. Found while searching around on Spotify. Anything with “mandolin” in the title will probably have my heart forever. I was especially excited to find that they are coming to Lincoln this Saturday to play at the Zoo bar! Going to try and get away for an hour or two to celebrate our anniversary a few days early. These folks will certainly have a spot in every playlist I make this season.

Cheers, J.