For Your Ears // Flowers In Your Hair

by jordanfaeh


I’ve been called an “old soul” countless times.

When I was younger, I preferred the oldies radio station over the latest hits. I bought a pair of flaired jeans in middle school because I was inspired by 60’s fashion (but I was too nervous to actually wear them). I was eyeing high-waisted jeans before the “hippie craze” was everywhere. I’m not claiming that I was ahead of the times, I have just always been interested in and inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. There is great music in our day, but these are classics. Songs that weren’t just thrown together mindlessly to make a hit. These are the goods. I compiled a list of some of my favorites (minus The Beatles because Spotify is lame and won’t let me listen to them). It’s similar to listening to the oldies station, but without Pat Benatar, Blondie, or Joan Jett. (If I hear “I Love Rock N Roll” one more time my ears will bleed). Hope you enjoy! Monday seems like a good day for a little pick me up.