Lincoln // C & L Dairy Sweet

by jordanfaeh


C & L Dairy Sweet is a Lincoln treasure.

On Tuesdays (and apparently Wednesdays?) right outside Pioneers Park, they serve lemon ice cream that is amaaaaazing. I’m not even really supposed to have ice cream, but this stuff is worth cheating for.



When we first lived in Lincoln and I was pregnant with Penny, I would buy the ice cream in a pint and practically live in front of our freezer taking “just one more” bite. It’s the perfect date night (or family night out) and it’s cheap. High fives all around.

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Life feels pretty crazy right now. Trying to feel settled into our home while also having fun and enjoying summer makes me feel like we’re constantly on-the-go. It’s not necessarily bad, but I could use a nap. We’re having so much fun in Lincoln.

cl6This weekend, Truman and I (and June) are headed to see James Taylor. I can’t wait for Truman to see him live. JT is like a fine wine. He gets better with age.

Cheers, Jord