Ray LaMontagne

by jordanfaeh

Weekends are usually pretty low-key for us.

We try to find fun things to do that don’t require a lot of spending. This last weekend, however, was quite a treat. A friend was able to get us into the Ray LaMontagne show at Pinewood Bowl on Friday night. We took June with us because she still refuses to use a bottle but it was very casual so she did a great job.



I listened to Ray A LOT in high school so it was fun to re-live some of those memories. It was a beautiful summer night and we enjoyed the time together. HOWERVER. I have a bone to pick with you, Pinewood…

We pulled up to the show to find out that in order to park we needed to pay $5 (cash only) and there was no other place to park unless you wanted to walk a very long ways. It wasn’t that way when we saw Band of Horses a few years back and we had no cash on us. Thankfully the gal let it slide and told us to remember cash next time, but really? I know that you’re trying to charge people who sit outside the fence and listen but a little better communication would be nice. We walked all the way to the entrance to find out that we weren’t allow to bring a blanket inside to sit on the grass. We did that all the time at Stir Cove and it was very enjoyable. Truman had to run all the way back to the car to put it away and we ended up having to sit on the prickly grass. Not cool. Then I got an awkward lecture from a staff member about how if I didn’t have ear plugs I was going to going to damage my baby’s hearing. I appreciated his concern, but I don’t think he was aware of who Ray LaMontagne is. The guy’s music can put you to sleep. So it was a slightly rough start to the night and Pinewood didn’t give off a very hospitable vibe, but it was still beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves.

ray1ray6This was Juniper’s first real show. She didn’t care that much, but she sure did attract a lot of attention. We had a number of people stop by to tell us they were on a date and missed their babies terribly. A very sweet couple offered to take a picture of the three of us.

ray3 ray4

We’re so thankful to have a friend who blesses us in this way. Before we had children, I dreamed of raising our children around great music and frequently exposing them to live music. All hippie-like. It’s really special for me to have the chance to do it now. But get your act together, Pinewood! (Jk, we love you Lincoln)

Cheers, Jord.