DIY Reading Nook

by jordanfaeh

(I’m really annoyed that WordPress is uploading my photos so small, but I can’t figure out how to fix it. So forgive the dinky photos! If you want a closer look you can click on each one individually).

I create vivid designs in my mind of how I want our home to look, but rarely do they come to fruition. Lack of time, budget, or lack of resources usually become obstacles and it’s okay because I’ve learned that a home can be warm and inviting without having to be lavishly decorated. However, we *actually* tackled one of my house projects with a huge thanks to my brother-in-law. I’m excited to share our little DIY reading nook with you all!

It started out as a closet without doors. Our landlords left the doors off when they moved and after seeing that extra space, I knew we could do something with it instead of turning it back into a closet (June only has a handful of outfits, anyway…) This is the sad before picture:


I found this tutorial on Pinterest and we purchased cheap wood from Lowe’s.


I originally wanted to create a bench with cubbies underneath for extra storage, but decided against it since June will be crawling soon and I want to avoid anyone getting hurt. Plus, this option was a little cheaper. My brother-in-law created the wood base without a tutorial but if you want more specifics I can get them to you!


I used this tutorial to finish the reading bench. Honestly, the foam was one of the most expensive items of our project. It originally sells for $47.99 a yard at JoAnne’s. My jaw about hit the floor when I saw that. Thankfully, I used a %50 off coupon but STILL. You can opt for thinner foam but that might not be as comfortable.

Because I feel passionately about supporting your local businesses, I visited Lincoln’s local fabric store Crafthouse. THE cutest fabrics to choose from. A little pricier than Hobby Lobby or JoAnne’s but I think it’s worth it to invest locally. And how adorable is this fabric!? You can’t find that at a mainstream store.



So that’s our finished look! I found some amazing accent pillows at Society6 to add to the bench, but I’m going to pace myself. But seriously, how adorable are these?


We have already been enjoying our little nook and I’m SO excited for when the girls can sit and read together.


Cheers to actually getting things done and not just talking about it for forever!