Summer to Fall

by jordanfaeh

Last night was my first night without both girls for more than 2 hours in over 6 months.

With a lot of persistence, we finally got our J-bird to take a bottle. As much as I want to expose our children to great music, I knew there was no way we could take June to the Jenny Lewis show with us. Also, I selfishly wanted to enjoy it myself. I’ve been a fan of Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis since I was a teenager. Every time she rolled into Nebraska I wasn’t able to go, but when I saw she was returning I could not miss the chance. It was the perfect motivation to give June a little more independence (and mama a little more sanity).

I had the whole afternoon to myself while I waited for Truman to get off work so I slowly shopped around and tried on fun outfits. I forgot what it was like to walk through a clothing store without a stroller–the dressing rooms seem much bigger without children! The show was incredible. Jenny Lewis was everything I imagined she would be and more. It was definitely worth the bags under my eyes that I woke up with.


Because I rarely have the opportunity to wear a nicer outfit, I wanted to put a little thought into my first night out. I bought a dress from Forever21 about a year ago because I was in love with the print, however, I was a little hesitant on the length. I prefer my dresses to be longer and if you’re familiar with Forever21 you know that they do whatever they can to make a dress cheap (aka cutting it off 4 inches). I hate being in public and feeling self conscious so I tailored it a bit to fit my self and comfort zone…


It’s kind of a hilarious attempt at a style photo. Not the greatest lighting and my poor, hungry husband was more concerned about the buffalo wings we were on our way to find. Nevertheless, it’s what I’ve got! I wanted to give the dress a more casual vibe so I tied a black cardigan around the waist. I’m really drawn to some of the 90’s-inspired styles that are resurfacing. I also wore spandex underneath for my own comfort and insurance 🙂 You never know when a Nebraska gust could show everyone more than you intended! Because the dress was already pretty short, I didn’t want to add by wearing a shoe with a heel so I threw on my favorite sandals. It’s the perfect transition outfit with elements of summer and fall.


// Dress (Forever21–similar) Sweater (Gap) Sandals (Target) //

As much as I enjoyed a quiet evening without mama-duties, I felt right where I should be in bed this morning watching Elmo with my girlies.

Cheers, Jord.