Celebrating Mom

by jordanfaeh


We celebrated my lovely mother this weekend.

Planning parties is something I’ve always really enjoyed. Creating a theme, researching craft ideas, making a playlist, and watching people shuffle into my home are things that give me great joy. My mom’s birthday was the perfect opportunity to gather the people who love her and celebrate the blessing that she is.


With Pinterest and the multitude of blogs (with very large budgets) out there, it’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed and a little insecure when throwing a party. When I look for inspiration online, I see extravagant events where every inch is decorated and hand-crafted. Children who are turning one have nicer parties than my wedding and I’m left feeling a little defeated. I’m thankful for the inspiration, but I often need to remind myself that those parties aren’t the norm and they usually involve a lot of help (and a lot of money). That being said, I think it’s important to remember that simple goes a long way and the most important thing, always, is the people in your home and the laughter being shared.


You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and a few creative touches. I put together these bouquets with flowers from Trader Joe’s and HyVee.


The tassel garland was made using this tutorial. I was really happy with how it turned out and it was very easy to make (and cheap)!


The birthday cake was a huge hit. I made a vanilla bean cake with white chocolate ganache and a basic buttercream. Baking cakes used to be very intimidating to me. I started doing it to save money, but now I really enjoy it. There’s something special about taking the time to bake something as opposed to just ordering it. It’s like writing a letter instead of an email. Heartfelt. Personal.

Because it was my mom’s 50th birthday, I wanted to do something special without being cheesy. I researched the billboard top 100 songs of 1964 and put together a fun playlist that you can listen to here. We played a trivia game filled with fun facts about the year 1964. Mom chose a good time to be born, The Beatles came to America that year 😉



We aren’t very good at normal pictures.

It was a fun weekend filled with family and friends. I can’t say it enough, how blessed and truly happy I am to be back in Lincoln. To be surrounded by loved ones–especially my mom and sister. Our home is where laughter exists. Food is shared. Music is turned up. (And currently where the air conditioner breaks down, ha.) When I was younger, I wanted a one-way ticket to get as far away from Nebraska as I possibly could. Now, I can’t imagine life any different.

Happy Birthday, Mom. You are as lovely as ever.

Cheers, Jord.