Vanilla Chai Muffins

by jordanfaeh


Let me make something clear.

I’m not a food blogger. I’m hardly qualified enough to feed food to my family let alone share recipes, but I love to bake. However, after two children, I find myself gravitating toward those oh-so-easy box mixes (or pre-made goodies) at the grocery store because it’s quick and has little clean up. And not that I think there is anything wrong with a box mix once in a while (sometimes they taste better, in my opinion) but I’m pushing myself to slow down and enjoy the art of creating something in the kitchen. Even if it creates a mess.

Fall is a great season to embrace your kitchen.

The moms group (for lack of a better term) at church started this week so I took the opportunity to bake something from scratch. I have just under a ga-zillion recipes pinned on Pinterest and I decided it was time I actually MAKE one. These Chai Spice Glazed Doughnut Muffins stood out. I’m picky about Chai. I like mine to be a little on the sweeter side and David Reo has the BEST vanilla chai that I know of so I tailored the recipe a smidge so I could incorporate the powdered gold. I’ll post my altered recipe below!

We got home late last night and once we went through our nightly routine to put the girls to bed the last thing I wanted to do was dirty up the kitchen and have to use my brain. Because I’m trying to be more intentional about how I view my kitchen, I pushed myself to do it anyway and create an environment that would allow me to enjoy (gasp!) the task. And enjoy it, I did.

I slid open our screen door to let the breeze in, lit my favorite fall candle, and turned on some jazz. The girls were asleep, the air was fresh, and the only noise in the house was the hum of my Kitchen Aid and my sweet friend Mr. Benny Goodman (at least I’d like to think we’re friends). It turned out to be a great evening and baking the muffins didn’t feel like work at all.

If you’re going to try this recipe, I highly suggest doing it when you have some time. Don’t rush through it. And definitely don’t do it when you’re stressed out. If it’s a cool day, crack the window and put on some jazz. Jazz sounds the best in the fall, I’ve always felt that way. You can listen to my playlist here if you want (put it on shuffle).

The end of summer is when I start to feel very inspired, flowing with ideas and ready for change. I’m excited for what’s to come on the blog and I hope you’ll stick around to share it with me!


Here’s my version of Vanilla Spice Glazed Doughnuts:

Instead of using ginger, cardamom, and ground black pepper, I used 1/4 cup of hot water and whisked in 4tbs of David Reo Vanilla Chai (if you live in Lincoln, you can buy it at The Harbor coffee shop. Because I used 1/4 water, I only used 3/4 cup of milk. Everything else is the same!

For the glaze:

Instead of using ginger and cardamom, I used about a tablespoon of hot water and whisked in 2tbs of vanilla chai mix. Because I used water, I didn’t add the milk and then I just slowly added the powdered sugar until I reached the desired consistency. Once the muffins are cooled, dip them in the glaze once and let dry. Then dip them again 🙂