Weekend Photos

by jordanfaeh

There are scribbles of plans in my planner for almost every weekend the next few months so I was excited that this weekend was completely free. We relaxed, didn’t feel rushed, and enjoyed the last bits of glorious warmth. Saturday is usually when the cupboards are bare. After a whole week of cooking, I rarely want to make the effort so we ordered a pizza from the local pizza place down the road and headed to Holmes Lake!


It was a perfect night. The sun was starting to set and making the grass and trees glow and there was hardly any wind. I’m trying to store up every one of these moments in hopes of surviving the cold around the corner.


The second we found a spot, Penny ran up to a tree and hugged it. Not sure why. Truman said this wasn’t the first time so I think we may have a mini hippie on our hands…




Penny and Truman like to go on date nights and throw rocks into the water. This time June and I got to come along. Truman loves the age that Penny is at. Watching them make a special bond brings me so much joy. I am forever-grateful that the girls will have an amazing daddy in their lives.




Watching the plane, of course.


I still struggle with making Sunday and day of rest, especially if I’ve enjoyed Saturday instead of cleaning. My list feels long, the laundry is intense, and the groceries need to be purchased. Since we’ve returned to Lincoln, it has been much easier to enjoy Sunday with our family dinner tradition. Every Sunday night, we get together with my sister, bro-in law, and mom and make dinner together. It is a great way to start the week and I love that the girls will grow up with family around a dinner table. James Taylor is a staple in our home and with the cooler weather I feel he is an absolute necessity. We put a record on, opened the windows, and made a mess in the kitchen. We ended dinner with a yummy apple crisp.



I hope you enjoyed your weekend with the ones you love,