Arbor Day Farm / Kimmel Orchard

by jordanfaeh


THIS is the Fall weather that I look forward to.

We went from 80 degrees to 50 degrees within a matter of days and I was seriously mourning the warm weather. Thankfully, Nebraska decided to shape up and give us a beautiful week and we definitely took advantage of it. I mentioned my bucket list here and wanted to get to the orchards before things go too picked over. I’m really glad we went during the week because we practically had the whole orchard to ourselves. Our friends came along with us which made it even more enjoyable!



Penny and her friend, Nettie, held hands almost the entire time. Watching them try to run through the trail while still holding hands and giggling was very entertaining.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a few photos of the girls in front of the iconic Arbor Day Farm barn. It was a riot and I’m sure the man mowing the lawn across the road was entertained. Every time you see a picture of babies smiling you have to remember there are adults making fools of themselves behind the camera. Totally worth it.




This is my second time visiting Kimmel Orchard and not only did we leave with a bag full of apples but a half dozen apple doughnuts managed to find their way into my van. Needless to say I’m looking forward to the morning.



Fall in Nebraska is a wonderful thing. Sipping on caramel apple cider with the windows open and the lights low, cool evening walks through the neighborhood, bright orange pumpkins suddenly appearing everywhere. The trees start to change and it’s like our town gets a facelift. It doesn’t take much to make me feel grateful on days like this. Apple juice dripping from Penny’s chin, a soft breeze through the tall trees of Arbor Day Farm, little girl giggles, rosy red cheeks on the car ride home. I am very content in this moment and I’ll savor these memories forever.


Cheers to a beautiful Fall weekend,