by jordanfaeh


Did the weekend even happen?

The last thing I remember was that it was Friday and now I’m sitting here (past my bedtime) prepping for another week. Fall is bursting with so. much. fun. that our weekends have lately been feeling like minutes. As I mentioned in my last post, the weather here has been perfect. I took full advantage of it by filling the weekend with a few of my bucket list goals. There are two kinds of “full”, though. The kind where you end the weekend feeling exhausted and unprepared and the kind when your heart is swollen and you feel like you soaked up every minute of those two, beautiful days. Mine was the latter.

Saturday morning I rolled out of bed slowly just in time to head to the Patina Market here in Lincoln. It reminded me of Junkstock but on a much smaller scale (and honestly, with a lot less junk).

My husband went to the football game that night so it was a quiet night at home with my girls. At first, I felt a little bitter thinking “this is what I do EVERY day of the week, Saturday is supposed to be my fun day!” but it turned out to be what I really needed. We took time getting ready for bed–baths, brushing teeth (and the very little amount of hair Penny has), and massaging tiny toes with essential oil. June was asleep and Penny was asking for a snack so I decided to have a little fun and give the girl a treat before bed. I’ve been obsessed with apple cookies lately and she quickly became a fan.


She dissected the cookie, eating each ingredient one by one and giving me tastes of peanut butter from her messy fingers. She was having so much fun–knowing she should have been in bed, but it was a special night. I want more of that as a parent. Less stiffness, and rule-following (rules are important, don’t get me wrong) and more unexpected fun. I switch to mom mode so easily that I sometimes forget to create sweet memories in the little details. Getting a big scoop of peanut butter from my generous toddler’s finger is a memory I’ll savor.


Lately, Penny is into “Eskimo” and “butterfly” kisses. I plopped her into bed and she leaned over the rail, shaking her head back and forth and rubbing her nose against mine. She’d giggle and then rest her cheek next to mine, waiting for me to flicker my eyelashes. We did it about ten more times until I got teary-eyed with joy. She is so, so precious to me. I was thankful in that moment for a quiet night alone. The fact that I could hear her belting “Jesus Loves Me” and “Where is Thumbkin” at the top of her lungs from her bedroom was icing on the cake.


We decided on a whim to take the girls to Roca Berry pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, we had missed the Sunday crowd and there were only a handful of people there enjoying the peaceful evening.


Of course Penny had a blast. She could enjoy much more of the pumpkin patch than she could last year when she was hardly mobile. She probably would have went down the slide all night if we would have let her.



And then there’s the jumping pillows… she could hardly contain her excitement. This exceeds jumping on our bed at home, by far.


June, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed. She watched Penny the entire time with a straight face. I’m assuming she was bitter that should couldn’t participate. Next year, sweet girl, next year.


She decided the pumpkin patch wasn’t so awful.


I feel like I need to post a realistic picture every now and then because let’s be honest, it takes about a hundred crazy photos to get one decent one and with a toddler it’s near impossible. Penny was only interested in climbing into the giant pumpkin when I tried to take a picture with the girls. Can you blame the gal?


Cheers to another memorable weekend in the books,