Fall Inspiration

by jordanfaeh


The fresh air through the window must be lifting our spirits today.

Penny has been extra adorable, demanding kisses and giving me hugs without having to beg for them. June has been extra sweet, as well. We’re fully embracing Fall this week and with a new season comes a facelift for our home.

As a homemaker, I often feel the (self-imposed) pressure of needing to keep up with the ever-changing ideas and trends when it comes to decorating my home. I’m very thankful for Pinterest and the inspiration it sparks, but it can also be daunting to constantly scan over new ideas, making your current ideas seem old news. (Let’s just say I’m really glad that I’m already married, I can’t imagine planning a wedding with the millions of ideas out there now!) Decorating a home not only takes time, but it can get expensive. My goal is to purchase wisely and to find things that are versatile. It’s fun to change the style of your home every so often, but you don’t have to take a loan out of the bank each time the season changes.

For me, the key is to keep it simple. I love neutral colors in the fall. Don’t get me wrong–I love burgundies and mustard yellows, but I find that my neutral decor is very versatile and it’s something I never grow tired of. Last year, I purchased some pumpkins at Hobby Lobby that were really cheap and super ugly. I gave them a makeover with white spray paint and now I can use them every year. Word to the wise, don’t use real pumpkins for inside decor, they may look nice and fresh, but come November you’ll pick it up and realize it has been rotting all month. Rookie housewife mistake.




Our home feels nice and cozy and ready to welcome this romantic season. And my husband is happy because there are no holes burned into our pockets 🙂 Everybody wins!


Another Fall essential is good music.

Why does the cool air make Nick Drake sound so darn good? I don’t know. I’m sure it’s scientific. I created a new playlist on Spotify that we’ve been listening to nonstop lately. You can have a listen here. BUT it is important that you light a fall candle and crack open your windows to get the full effect. Enjoy this beautiful week!