Lincoln Pride

by jordanfaeh


My friend, Jolene, is doing crazy-cool things for the town of Lincoln.

We recently got together to discuss future ideas for the creative minds of Nebraska I’m really excited about what’s to come. What I love so much about Lincoln is that the sense of community is not lost. We support each other. We meet for coffee at amazing local coffee shops. We share dinner around the table with friends. You rarely go anywhere without seeing a familiar face (something I truly love…unless I’m sporting my pj’s and bed head) yet the town is big enough to still appreciate art and culture. And if you’re doing something great, people will find out about it.


These bags are great.

In a very subtle way they say “I love where I live”. I use mine to tote around my bible and notebook when I part ways with the diaper bag on Sunday mornings at church and I plan on filling it with goodies from the farmer’s market next year when winter has passed and I’m frolicking through the Haymarket (just kidding). You can find one here for only $9.99. Be creative with it and share why you love Lincoln so much.



I also recently met the lovely person behind Earthenjoy.

Joy lives in Omaha and creates the most beautiful and unique ceramic pieces, many of them celebrating Nebraska. Her Nebraska pendant adds a sweet touch to pretty much anything. I highly recommend checking her out on Etsy.


I continue to be amazed at the amount of talent and creativity within the state of Nebraska. We’ve got a good thing going here and the best part is the people behind these endeavors are genuine, kind, and passionate.

Cheers to loving where you live,