Goosebumps and Worship and Minivans, Oh My!

by jordanfaeh


When we lived in Omaha, we had one car.

It sounds crazy now. We didn’t really have a choice. I was staying at home and we were living on a very humble income with a new baby. I loved being a homemaker and I was eager to jump into that role, but without the ability to leave it started to feel like my home was a prison. I rarely left the house during the week and when I did it was to the grocery store. The grocery store felt like paradise. We learned to adapt and I had to be incredibly intentional about living a life of gratitude and focusing on what I did have.


Fast forward to our new home in Lincoln. We have been blessed greatly with the ability to buy a second car for our family so I can come and go as I please. I took this privilege to the extreme–always feeling like I should be going somewhere. Viewing home as a dreadful, boring place where plants die and to-do lists grow. I grew tired of doing the same thing every day only to wake up and have to do it again. On top of that, there wasn’t a cheerleader following me around all day praising me for my hard work. Being a homemaker is a hard thing. It’s messy. It’s mundane. It’s exhausting. It’s repetitive. And it’s not highly valued in the world we live in. You won’t open the Journal Star tomorrow morning and read the headline “Mother Was Up Until 10 PM Washing Dishes”. What we do isn’t for praise. Oh, how my selfishness wants it to be, but it’s not. What we do is an act of praise for our Lord. To be a servant is a radical and humbling and very difficult thing. Especially when you’re lacking in the sleep department.


I talked it over with my mom friends and tried to figure out what it looks like to worship God and serve my family with a joyful heart despite my crummy, sometimes-uninspired attitude. How do I meet the Lord in a quiet place when my home is anything but quiet? As much as I want to wake up at 5am every morning and start the day in silence with my Savior, it’s not very realistic when I have a baby who’s sleep schedule changes often. So what does worship and communication with God look like in a season with little ones? For me, it’s music. Being mindful of the Holy Spirit and praising God while I’m tidying the house and driving the good ol’ minivan. Time in the Word is essential and I need more of it, but when I wake up to crusty dishes in the sink and empty cupboards that need to be filled, I have to turn the speakers up and let the worship take over me.

So. I created a playlist. Go figure.

I’m calling it “Minivan Goosebumps” because I drive around with constant goosebumps on my arms.  The Gospel will do that to ya. It’s mood-changing, spirit-lifting, truth-telling music. When I’m already wanting to call it a day at 10am I put it on and just worship. Have a listen here if you’d like.

This mom thing is hard. I’m not an expert, but I can only imagine as we throw more kiddos into the mix it will only get harder (and ten times more amazing) and I am just so, so thankful that I don’t have to depend on my own strength to do it. I hope it changes the way you worship daily like it has for me.

Side note: you don’t have to own a minivan to enjoy this playlist (but you’re cooler in my book if you do ;). You don’t even have to be a mom or homemaker. This playlist is for everyone who wants to seek God in the in-between.

Cheers to goosebumps,


P.S. The first song isn’t actually on Spotify so I had to purchase it myself. I think that means you won’t be able to listen to it, but it NEEDS to be the first one you hear when you wake up. So listen here: