Lincoln Style // rachannko

by jordanfaeh

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Lincoln is booming with up-and-coming talent and businesses. It seems like every other week I hear of another person deciding to pursue their passion and share it with the rest of us. It brings me so much joy and I love how supportive Lincoln is of local businesses.

Rachel of Rachannko is definitely someone to pay attention to.

Her creative and unique style is unlike anyone I know. The way she sees color and patterns is so fresh. She’s finishing up a major in graphic design and decided to create a few handmade notebooks to sell.



I’m a notebook collector, myself.

If I find a cute notebook, I find a reason to need it. I’m constantly writing things down whether it’s to-do lists, quotes from a book I’m reading, notes from a sermon, or hilarious things my toddler is saying that I want to remember forever. Rachel has only made a limited amount of these beauties, but I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll be encouraged to make more 🙂


Check her out on Etsy here and show her some support! (And if you find another reason to need a notebook other than the ones listed above don’t hesitate to share. I’m always looking for excuses 🙂 )