by jordanfaeh


I gave myself a lot of grace when I made my Fall Bucket List.

I knew that with two little ones, realistically, I wouldn’t get them all done. However, this has been such a wonderful Fall and we have managed to check off almost every fun thing this season. I’m a little behind on this one, but Junkstock was one of my favorites. It was crazy. So crazy. But a great memory nonetheless.


I am really blessed to have a friend in the exact same life stage as me. We have two little girls almost identical in age and anytime we venture out together it’s chaotic and loud and wildly fun. Junkstock was no exception. We knew that we were crazy for bringing children with us, especially toddlers, but Friday was our only chance to make it up there so we took the plunge.


We loaded the minivan with children and strollers and snacks galore and hit the road. The toddlers were thrilled to be riding next to each other.


For some reason I had this hilarious idea that the ground was going to be even. This was not the case. Junkstock meets on an old dairy farm meaning the land was all dirt and gravel and bumps and hills and we drew attention to ourselves everywhere we went as we tried not to tilt our overflowing strollers over. People were very helpful, thankfully. (Shout out to the older woman who gave my daughter a mint when she was having the melt down of her life. Right before lunch time, naturally.)

We didn’t get to search through all the goodies as much as we wanted but there were a lot of fun things that caught my eye. It’s the perfect place to draw inspiration and get into the spirit of Fall.




In a perfect world, I would be able to spend $80 on a chair that only functions as something pretty to look at. Instead, I just marveled at it’s beauty 🙂 Seriously cute.



By some miracle, we managed to make it through the entire place with the majority of our sanity in tact. It was absolutely necessary to snap a photo for proof. Granted, we needed the assistance of three older women. What you don’t see pictured is them dancing and clapping behind the camera to get the girls’ attention. Community at its finest!


Overall, we had a blast and felt pretty proud of ourselves for surviving. We treated ourselves to giant strawberry lemonades and enjoyed the quiet ride home (and vowed to come alone next time). I highly recommend checking out Junkstock if you’re in the area. Inspiration is thick in the air and the music and food are an added bonus. We will definitely be returning in the spring!

Cheers to adventure and friends and humility and junk,