Weekend Celebrating

by jordanfaeh


My mother-in-law offered to take the girls for the weekend as an early birthday present to me. Giving a mom two nights free of cooking and cleaning with the ability to sleep in is probably the greatest gift ever. We decided to save some money and have a stay-cation at home. I wasn’t even sure if my body knew how to sleep in but I slept until 10:30! Not gonna lie, I probably could have gone until noon (my teenager self is still hiding in there somewhere). One of the last things on my Fall bucket list was to visit James Arthur Vineyard so we grabbed a couple friends and had a fun night of wine tasting.


// Hair Pin (ban.do) Top (JCrew–similar) Jeans (H&M) Shoes (DSW) //

This is one of my favorite tops. I purchased it as a final sale item on JCrew years ago, slightly worried that I wouldn’t like, but it has turned out to be a staple piece. Every woman needs at least one striped shirt in her wardrobe for Fall. It may be a trend now, but it’s timeless. I’ve always been drawn to the 60’s era. I love everything bohemian and hippie-influenced, but I cannot deny a classic, simple outfit every once in a while. (Kind of like how you can’t deny that catchy pop song that you secretly love. Shake It Off, anyone?)

Sometimes I get stuck into thinking my style has to be focused in one direction. The fun thing about clothing is you can dip into different areas and influences. You don’t need to commit to one style. A little Audrey Hepburn thrown into the mix is good for any wardrobe. Clean and simple never ages. That’s why I have kept these loafers around. They rarely make it out of the closet, but every now and then I feel like keeping it classy.


And we can’t forget my favorite little Lincoln tote. Purchase them here or at The Pilgrimer in downtown Lincoln.



It’s my last day as a 24 year old and I can’t help but reflect on how blessed I have been this past year. Miss Juniper Grace entered our lives and everything was uphill from there. With a move to what always felt like home, Lincoln, and the start of my blog and Instagram account, I feel so content to be right where I am. I’m diving into what it looks like to be a mother while also investing in my other passions and talents, I’m learning the importance of friendship and community (shout out to the amazing people in my life), and I feel the Holy Spirit tugging at me–prompting me to not settle for comfort and fear, but to consider what a life would look like completely surrendered God, doing everything for His glory.

You were pretty good, 24.