by jordanfaeh


// Sweater (H&M) Plaid (Husband’s–similar) Boots (Old Navy–similar) //

I’m a lover of traditions.

Birthdays tend to get less exciting with age, but I love the little traditions we’ve held onto when my birthday rolls around. Truman and I always go out for a nice dinner and then he lets me rummage through a record store a pick one out for our collection. If we’re close to one of my favorite boutiques, he also lets me pick something fun out.

Back in the spring, I won a free blowout from Lark Blow Dry Studio at a church retreat and I knew I wanted to save it for a special occasion where I would be in Omaha. I didn’t even know what a blow out was (except for the OTHER kind of blowout that we all hate). The thought of getting pampered for a bit sounded lovely after months of just letting my hair air dry.


The studio was beautiful and relaxing. The lovely head massage and conversation was the perfect retreat from my daily duties of mommy-hood and I suddenly realized why blowouts are so appealing. Lark is like a mini vacation. I used to consider the grocery store to be my mini vacation but pampering trumps running errands, hands down. I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely owner, Sara, and she was such a joy. Her vision for bringing Omaha a concept like this is fascinating and it’s easy to see why she’s been so successful so far. I highly recommend booking an appointment at Lark for your next special event. Heck, create a reason for needing to make a visit. In a perfect world, I would grab my girlfriends, make a trip up to Omaha and spend the day Christmas shopping and getting pampered. I’ll have to see what my husband feels about that 😉 Thanks again, ladies!



I met Truman after work and we headed down to the Old Market to browse through records at Homers and eat at our favorite Italian restaurant, Nicola’s. It was a real treat to have the entire evening to take our time and enjoy things that we can’t do with babies.


I wasn’t able to find any of the newer records I’ve been wanting, but I managed to pick out this gem with one of my favorite songs.


Cheers to birthdays, and traditions, and cheap vinyl, and sexy hair. And cheers to you, 25.