Holiday Festivities

by jordanfaeh

The weekend after Thanksgiving is a magical one.

The Christmas music finds its way into my speakers, cars are driving around with Christmas trees strapped on top, people are out on their ladders stringing lights. We’ve been waiting to indulge in the holiday cheer and we can finally do it! We returned home from a weekend away and immediately went to find a Christmas tree (per my request). I have to be honest…we went all the way out to the tree farm and didn’t find a single one. They were either over-priced or had been previously tagged so we ended up buying our tree at Earl May. Definitely not as romantic, but we still had fun and Penny enjoyed running through the tree farm.



Poor June-bug. Picking out a Christmas tree isn’t very fun for babies. This picture cracks me up.



Saturday mornings are for doughnuts. We ventured down to the Doughnut Hole in the Haymarket.


Saturday was the most beautiful day. The perfect day to lift my spirits before we returned to the brutal Nebraska cold. We had some yard work that we had been procrastinating so we decided to walk to Ace Hardware. I’ll admit, it felt a little strange to be walking past Christmas trees on a 60 degree day and then returning home to jump in a pile of leaves. Nebraska weather at its finest.



Of course, by Sunday we were back to 20 degrees but I bundled up and headed down to one of my favorite local shops Loft & Craft to snag this beauty. I have a thing for shells (probably because I’d rather be on the beach).


The perfect weekend to prepare for a festive month.