A Word

by jordanfaeh

NYE4 The Christmas decorations are slowly making their way back into storage and we are preparing for a fresh start.

2014 was pretty good to us. We returned back to Lincoln, where we always envisioned raising our family, and it feels just right. I decided to finally make my dreams a reality (despite my complete lack of knowledge) and I started this blog with the desire to learn as I go. I’m just a teeny tiny dot on the world of the Internet, but I’m grateful to everyone who pays this little page a visit and shares in my joy. Truly, thank you.

NYE5I’m that total cliche’ that loves the clean slate of a new year. Suddenly I want to organize my entire house and make a mile-long list of goals I have for the year. I still need time to dig into my aspirations and desires for 2015, but I have been spending time pinpointing what my word of the year will be.

NYE2I really hate to admit it, but I don’t know how to have fun.

In every situation, I’m considering what could go wrong instead of enjoying what’s going right. I’m rushing to the next thing, feeling on edge, and trying to control way too much. It has been on my heart lately that I need more laughter in my life. More spontaneity. More wild. Because the older my children get, the more they will observe how I handle a change in plans, a messy kitchen, being late to church. I want our home to be a place where sillyness is encouraged and laughter is free.

I recently purchased this book for Penny and as we were reading through it the first time, I knew instantly what my “word” for the year would be.

NYE3“Life was filled with far too many grown-ups who did not know how to have a marvelous time. The girls had no wish to become big, busy people — wary and worried, hectic and hurried.”


I read that line out loud and it struck me that I had become that person. Wary and worried, hectic and hurried. If I don’t accomplish anything this year but this, I want to be unhurried. In my conversations, in my relationships, in the kitchen, with my children, and most definitely in my time with the Lord. I want to laugh. And I want to have a marvelous time.

So here’s to a year with a little more wild and a lot less worry,


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