A Day in the Life

by jordanfaeh

The thing that always kept me from starting a blog was that I felt my life wasn’t exciting enough.

When I looked over many of the successful blogs, I noticed there was a theme of pretty houses, adventurous cities, and fun vacations. We (myself included) are fascinated by a life that is different from ours. Whether it’s a huge family who raises chickens in the back yard or the city life where kiddos are decked out in $100 play clothes, we are drawn in because it’s fun to see snippets of someone else’s life. The problem, I found, with this is that I started to feel that the lack of excitement in my own life wasn’t worthy enough of sharing. When I created the blog I felt this sudden panic that I needed to decorate my house from head to toe and buy a goat and name her Pearl for anyone to give a rat’s A.

But here’s what I’m finding. There is so much beauty in the story of the mundane. In praising God even when you’re picking up diapers throughout the house like it’s a scavenger hunt. In small windows of adult interaction with another mom who dropped by. In friendly conversations with the same cashiers that check you out every Monday at the grocery store. There’s nothing wrong with leading an unconventional life (celebrities wouldn’t be celebrities if we weren’t so interested in it) but the story of the ordinary is just as valuable. God gets so much glory when you fully embrace the life you’ve been given. Not everyone’s going to find my mediocre pictures and stories of Nebraska life interesting, but I’m going to keep telling them as I work through hard truths and find contentment in our story.

The brutal Nebraskan winter has been keeping us indoors a lot lately and it’s super easy to get in a rut. I decided to get creative and photograph each hour of our day. It was a great way for me to slow down and appreciate the quieter days.

8 AM >> the girls wake up and we lounge in bed with Daniel Tiger (and major bed head) for a moment.

athome19 AM >> after breakfast Penny asks to put her butterfly outfit on and dance to “Shake it Off” while I clean the kitchen.

athome210 AM >> Penny likes to play on our bed while I tidy up and gather the dirty laundry.

athome311 AM >> June goes down for a nap and Penny and I eat lunch together

athome412 AM >> while cleaning up after lunch, Penny finds it necessary to color her hands with purple marker and try to stick it in her ear. #motheroftheyear (Her smile melts me, though.)

athome51 AM >> I put Penny down for a nap and sneak in some reading time.


2 AM >> June is still asleep so I decided to get dressed for the day (ha!) and put make up on. It was Friday, after all…

athome73 PM >> Miss June woke shortly after and I found her standing in her crib for the first time! She seems pleased.

athome84 AM >> this is the hour when I’m consistently exhausted and we resort to TV! So we popped in Tangled and Penny got a pedicure (notice the outfit change after nap time, a diva through and through).


5 PM >> I put on a little Bob Marley as I make dinner in hopes of convincing winter to go away. It didn’t work.

athome106 PM >> daddy’s home and we spend a cozy night in as a family.

athome11I’m proud to lead this life. Do I get discontent and weary? Yes. Do I get sick of cleaning the kitchen a thousand times a day? Heck ya. Do I sometimes secretly wish I had a job that allowed me to buy cute clothes and have adult interaction? Yep. But I am absolutely certain that being a mom and homemaker in Lincoln, Nebraska is my current calling and it has taught (and IS teaching) me so much more than I could have imagined.

Cheers to beauty in the ordinary,