Feature // Dear, Stories

by jordanfaeh

I am thrilled to be featuring an exciting new project taking place here in Lincoln.

As my friend, Liz, shared her plans of celebrating women and making them feel beautiful her face lit up. If you know Liz, you’ll know that she is a gorgeous and positive light wherever she is. She’s a hair stylist and total barber babe here in Lincoln and she decided, along with her photographer friend, Lexie, that the women of Lincoln (and everywhere, really) need to be reminded of how beautiful they are. No matter the life stage. No matter the size. So they created Dear, Stories. A series of sessions where women get pampered and celebrated. And today, Liz and Lexie are joining me to share details about this new adventure.

Lexie //

Hello! I’m Lexie. I decided to be a photographer after realizing it would be the only thing that would make me happy. I create to give glory to my Creator, and I enjoy capturing what is real. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful. The people who I get the opportunity to work with have messy, chaotic, beautiful stories. It’s these stories that deserve to be told. I am so lucky I get to use my camera to capture your special moments!

dear stories2Elizabeth //

dear stories6What sparked this idea? Where does the inspiration stem from?

Lexie : A good friend asked me what I loved most about photography. My answer was simple: my clients reactions to their photos. Its this moment where they see themselves in a different light- without all of the self hating and criticalness, they see their beauty. I love that moment! Later on that day, I started to think about it more and I started to think about how sad that was, that these women (primarily) didn’t see how incredibly beautiful they were until my camera captured it and it broke my heart to know that they have been going through life thinking there is always something to change/dislike about themselves. Long story short, i started brainstorming ideas that would specifically address this issue and start to show women how beautiful they are and Dear Stories was born.

How do these sessions appeal to all women of all life stages?

Liz : No matter how young or old we are as women there is a lot of pressure when it comes to looks. And we want these sessions to celebrate how beautiful we are! So no matter the age or point of your life your in everyone needs a reminder of how presious they are and healing from what society has done to our confidence!

What does a session include?

Lexie : the cost of the sessions are $275 which covers a 30-45 minute shoot by me (Lexie), we believe in the power of art and that your photos shouldn’t just exist on a flash drive or online gallery so you’ll also get a minimum of 15 printed high-quality images, a floral crown from I Bloom Flowers to wear at the shoot, and hair and makeup done by Liz. you also get to enjoy the other women around you with champagne and donuts!

How often will you host these sessions?

 Lexie : We’re thinking 4 times a year, to keep it special. but who knows, maybe more!

What is your hope for the women who participate in this experience? 

Liz : My hope is for healing and a feeling of confidence weather it be with our bodies or minds! For a better look into it, my session not only got me so excited for the other women but it reminded me that I love my body and I love who I am whether that be silly or sexy. I’m so excited to go on this journey with the women of Lincoln! 

Lexie :  My hope is that you walk out of these sessions with a renewed sense of love for yourself. We hope you’d love these images and the women who share this experience with you. Also, to love others well, you need to start by loving yourself we think this is a starting place for that. 

dear stories9

dear stories1

dear stories3

dear stories12dear stories8dear stories5

dear stories13dear stories7

dear stories11

dear stories10It was such a treat and honor to be among the first group of women to experience this new series. As someone who rarely gets to be on the other side of the camera, I will cherish the photos I have with my sweet Juniper forever.

The next session will be held on Valentine’s Day and Lexie and Liz have been kind enough to give away a free spot to one lucky winner! Visit the Lincoln Style instagram account for details on how to win. And for more pictures and information on Dear, Stories, you can visit Lexie’s website at Lexie Rae Photo.

I can’t wait to watch this project unfold as women re-discover what makes them so wonderful. This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special woman in your life. And since the majority of the population is pregnant right now 😉 it would also be a wonderful maternity session!