Sounds Like // Winter Survival

by jordanfaeh


Nebraska decided to give us a taste of spring and it has been SO good for my soul. We ditched our heavy coats and spent time re-exploring the ground that was hidden beneath snow for the last month. You feel this sense of community when the frozen ground starts to thaw. We come out of our caves with smiles and a sense of hope that this won’t last forever. I’m thankful for this brief encounter with warmer weather. It has left me inspired and excited for what’s to come.


I recently joined the Her View From Home team as a monthly contributor and my first post was dedicated to 19 Winter Survival Tips. Winter often leaves me in a funk, but I’m convicted that even in the harsher seasons I should strive to live with intention and joy. I’m finding that the key to finding beauty in winter is to enjoy the slow. Pursue friendships, linger in the kitchen, plan lots and lots of social gatherings. You have to work for the joy, but it’s worth it.

Of course a season can’t be fully enjoyed without a killer playlist so I carefully crafted a Winter Survival playlist on Spotify. It has bits and pieces of current favorites, oldies, and songs that make me think of spring. An equal amount of chill and groove. Listen here and take comfort in the fact that spring isn’t all that far away.


// Jacket (BB Dakota–similar) Sweater (Banana Republic–similar) Fringe Bootie (Target) //

For me, winter is all about staple pieces. You can’t go wrong with a simple sweater and cute pair of booties. I don’t usually like to keep up with trends, but I’m digging this “normcore” fad and I hope it’s here to stay! It’s especially nice for mamas who don’t need to dress up for work, but want to feel stylish and comfy.

I have wanted to invest in a hat for years and years but couldn’t find one that I liked without having to fork over a ton of money. I FINALLY found a stylish and affordable hat at American Eagle and took it on our recent trip to Kansas City. I have searched and searched the house and have come to the conclusion that my cute little hat is probably sitting in the middle of the IKEA parking lot. Total bummer. (But this is why I cannot spend $80 on an accessory.) RIP, little guy. You would have looked great with this outfit. Find the hat here and wear it with pride.

So long sweet 60-degree weather. I hope you return soon. Until then, we’ll crank up the music, cozy up under blankets, and continue to search for joy in the cold.

Cheers, Jord.

And P.S. I’m really diggin’ this one lately