The Sound of a Miracle

by jordanfaeh


We had been trying for another baby for months. With both girls we got pregnant so easily so I assumed all I had to do was look at Truman and get pregnant. When it didn’t happen so easily I started to worry. After visiting my midwife and getting some blood work done I got the call that I had been fearing. “You’re not ovulating.” My progesterone levels were abnormally low and this led my midwife to believe that my body couldn’t get pregnant. I felt so much fear that day. I’ve dreamed of a large family and the realization that my plans might not become a reality was terrifying. We met with a doctor to discuss fertility options. I held back tears as she explained what mild fertility drug she could put me on in hopes of jump starting ovulation.

I went home that night feeling discouraged. I didn’t want to resort to a fertility drug, but it felt so unproductive to wait around and hope that my body would eventually regulate itself. Plus, no one ever says this, but actively trying for a baby is hard work. You think it’s going to be all flowers and rainbows and sex and excitement (it is for some, I’m sure) but with two kids under two it’s physically and mentally exhausting. My husband and I came to the agreement that we would wait until summer and re-visit the idea of fertility drugs if we weren’t pregnant. I was two days late which was abnormal for my cycle and there was a tiny part of me that was hoping the doctor was wrong. I needed to see a negative pregnancy test so I could quit hoping and accept the fact that we weren’t pregnant. So Truman ran out to the local pharmacy to get me a test (what a guy). I was giving the girls a bath when he returned and I couldn’t wait another second to find out. I set the test on the counter and prepared myself for another month of disappointment. But immediately two lines appeared! I couldn’t even believe it. I just started crying as Truman laughed and hugged me. I had experienced every emotion under the sun in the last three weeks and I didn’t at all expect to be staring at a positive pregnancy test!

So… it is only by the grace of God that I can announce that we will be welcoming our third child into the world this October!

Many women wait to share their news until the first trimester is over and the risk of miscarriage is significantly lower. I choose to share this news early because I believe life begins at conception and it is worth celebrating! We serve an amazing and gracious God and He deserves all the glory for this gift. Today I lay on the table at the doctor’s office, the same place I visited just weeks ago with a heavy heart, and listened to the sweet sound of a miracle. A tiny little heart beat that reminds me how incredible my God is.

We are beyond thankful to be growing this little family of ours.

(June, however, wasn’t thrilled with the news that she’s not going to be the baby anymore.)