Florida Vacation

by jordanfaeh

Our vacation came at the perfect time.

February is the toughest month for me. It’s cold and wet and we’re sick every other day (or so it feels) and I’m just longing to feel the warm sun on my skin. My husband’s family decided to forgo Christmas gifts this year and plan a family trip instead. A brilliant idea. Memories > presents. We stayed at a cozy home just a block from the beach and enjoyed a week of humidity, sunshine, fresh air, and zero plans. Of course, traveling with children is no walk in the park. I was terrified for the three hour plane ride we had to endure before reaching our destination. Seriously, I lost sleep over this for months. The girls had never flown before and I really dislike flying so I researched and asked friends and did as much preparation as I could while also keeping very low expectations.


Turns out the girls are pretty good little travelers and we had no major meltdowns so I consider it a success! June was unimpressed with the entire thing (per usual) and Penny kept busy with movies, chap stick, and coloring books.


As I mentioned above, vacationing with children, especially under two, isn’t easy. The girls were up at 6:30 every morning and their schedules were totally messed up, but it was worth seeing Penny experience the ocean for the first time. She had so much fun digging her toes into the sand and chasing the tide with her daddy. It’s much easier to adjust to your children waking up with the sun when you can at least go walk along the beach.





We spent the majority of our time at the beach or the house pool. Penny became very fond of swimming by herself and June was happy as long as there wasn’t sand involved.



I’m so thankful for time away that forces us to slow down and get rid of the need for “busy”. It felt so great to not be controlled by the time and wake up without a list of things to do. I will especially miss our morning visit to the local Italian bakery for yummy pastries!







It’s refreshing to be shaken from our daily routine. As a stay at home mom it’s easy to fall into the same habits and routines and placing yourself in a new environment for a while gives you a fresh perspective. We came home ready to greet spring and excited to not be living out of our suitcases. It was a great first trip as a family.