by jordanfaeh


I feel like I’m right in the middle of big life lessons.

The Lord is tugging at my heart, convicting me, inspiring me in new ways and I’m slowly working through the process of it all. It’s hard, but I’m grateful for when I can recognize these times. I feel a special bond with Him as I go. I decided I want to start documenting my current favorites, thoughts, etc. from time to time. I love sharing new discoveries or thoughts on life and this is a fun way for me to do it!

// What I’m Listening To //

Music is so exciting in the spring. My favorite simple pleasure is to open the windows and let the music play. There’s something about the combination of fresh air and sweet sounds that will turn a mundane afternoon into a rich experience. Some of my current (new and old) favorites are:

1. Sufjan Stevens (Carrie & Lowell) // The album doesn’t release until March 31st but you can stream it online for free right here! It’s the perfect spring morning album.


2. Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan, and Sara Watkins // These ladies are incredible by themselves and embody everything I love about folk and bluegrass music. They are on tour together and I so badly wish I could experience it! This video will just have to do for now.

3. Christopher Phillips // Sometimes my soul craves the simplest of sounds. A beautiful piano gently playing classic hymns. No new-age renditions, no electronic interference, not even words. Just enough sound to fill my house with peace while allowing my mind to rest. Christopher Phillips has two albums that I play frequently throughout the week. Often in the morning when I want to start out with a peaceful attitude. “We Give Thanks: 15 Thanksgiving Hymns” and “Piano Chill: Songs of James Taylor.” You can listen to them for free on Spotify!

// What I’m Reading //

My reading list grows faster than I can keep up, but it’s a goal of mine to do a lot more reading this spring and summer.

1. Shauna Niequist (Savor) // I recently picked this up and have enjoyed her daily input on life. I keep wanting to cheat and read ahead to the next day!


2. Tsh Oxenreider (Organized Simplicity) // I’ve recently been craving to re-organize the house and re-assess some of our goals as a family. Tsh’s book about simplifying the home and pinpointing family goals seemed like the perfect fit. I love the way she encourages the reader to simplify and I’m looking forward to giving the house a face lift!


// What I’m Learning //

God has brought to my attention how dangerous it can be to become content with “coasting”. In my marriage, with my children, the way I spend my spare time, etc. Life is hard with young children. Right when you find a comfortable routine, things change and you’re back to ground zero. Ever since Truman and I have had children, we have felt like we were in survival mode–running against the wind each day with nothing left to give once the kiddos are down for the night. It’s just a season and it’s important that we always remember to have grace with ourselves, but I’m convicted about being more intentional in each area of my life. I want to go out of my way to love my husband and my children well, while also protecting my alone time and spending it wisely. I believe that my greatest calling in this season of life is to be the caretaker of my family and home. I want to focus more on creating a haven of rest and comfort for the ones I love.


// What I’m Looking Forward To //

 Go Blog Social Conference // Next weekend I’m attending my very first blog conference! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and when the opportunity came up in Kansas City I decided to just go for it. I’m super nervous. Large groups of strangers freak me out, but I’m putting my big girl pants on!

// What I’m Thankful For //

I’m so thankful that winter is over!!! I’m ready for thunder storms and warm weather and barbeques and flowers and walks through the neighborhood. I’m thankful for a husband who loves me well and supports my interests and I’m so very thankful for a tiny little life growing inside me, reminding me daily of the grace I’ve been given.

I hope you’re delighting in the changing of the seasons. There is so much beauty in new life.

Cheers, J.