Four Songs You Need to Hear on Easter Morning (And Every Other Morning)

by jordanfaeh


I had the most worshipful three hour drive home last night. As I watched the sun set, I blasted the music and sang at the top of my lungs while uncontrollable tears fell. The amazing thing about the gospel is that it never. stops. changing me. I never stop being awed by the incredible amount of love and grace and mercy I’ve been shown. My sinful, failing body consistently shows me how bad I need a savior and God keeps telling me “it’s okay, I already gave you one.”

We have so much to celebrate this morning (and every morning). Because of Jesus’ blood, I no longer have to feel guilt and shame for the countless times I fail. I no longer have to identify myself with my shortcomings as a wife, a mother, and a friend. Because Jesus rose from that grave and finished the work that He was sent for, I have hope that this broken life is not my eternal home. He has risen, my friends, and is very much alive!

I hope these songs change you like they did me.

For the Cross – Bethel (Live)

Like Incense/Sometimes By Step – Hillsong

Give Me Jesus – Bethel

Because He Lives – David Crowder

Happy Easter, Jord.

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