Logo Reveal

by jordanfaeh



// Sunglasses (Stella) Cardigan (Anthropologie–similar) Dress (Target–it won’t show up online but I just bought it!) Sandals (American Eagle) //


It was slightly over a year ago that I decided to finally pursue blogging.

I decided to let go of the fear of how others would perceive me, I decided that just because I was a full time mother and homemaker didn’t mean I had to say goodbye to my life-long interest in style and music, and I decided that even though I am a teeny tiny speck in the blogging world I had something to say (or wear) and I wanted to share it. I’ve learned a little after a year. I have a long ways to go (hey, Photoshop) but I’m learning who I am and what my online voice is. Slowly but surely, I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin. I know my style and taste, I like taking the occasional risk, and I can celebrate the different styles and tastes of those around me (both online and off).


I knew that the next big step was to make this blog official with a personalized logo. I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew that it needed to be simple and represent who I am. Insert Machelle Kolbo. I’ll be featuring Machelle and her design business this week so I’ll save the details for later, but Machelle did a great job of studying who I was and I what I stood for and putting it into a design. I’m thrilled with the final product and so inspired to continue building this little corner of the internet.


It’s a scary thing to write words and share them online. I have SO MANY thoughts flying through my head each day and it can be hard to condense them and make them pretty, or at least readable. And even though I occasionally battle that tiny voice telling me “nobody cares”, I feel that part of me was made to be transparent, honest about what it looks like to lead an average life as a mother, homemaker, and christian woman. And the other part of me just really likes to talk about clothes and share my favorite music obsessions. 😉


Our days are full of so much. Careers, education, children, chores, etc. We have very little spare time to leisurely browse the internet and for every person who chooses to spend a little of that time here on the blog I am truly grateful. It means so much to me. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to have a stranger tell me that they read my blog or to hear that my words were an encouragement to someone else. I may never reach the success that most bloggers aim for, but every single comment, word of encouragement, and “blog view” statistic means the world to me, no matter how big or small. So, thank you! And to show my appreciation for you, dear reader, I have scheduled a week full of giveaways with some of my favorite businesses and artisans. An entire week of giveaways!!! Keep your eyes peeled for details. Our first giveaway starts tomorrow!

Cheers to forging ahead and not letting your passions die!


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