Giveaway Week // Wax Buffalo

by jordanfaeh

   wax buffalo candles

I strongly believe that one of the most essential items in a warm and inviting home is a candle.

A candle is a sign of life in a home, a sign that someone cares enough to set a mood. A sign that someone cares about the details. Or, it’s at least a sign that someone cares enough to cover up a stinky diaper situation (moms, can I get an amen?) I have always loved the comfortable vibe that a candle gives. Specific scents will always remind me of sweet memories. They have the power to do that. One of my favorite rituals after an episode of deep cleaning the house is to shut off all the lights, let the natural light flood in, put on soft music, and light a candle.


I am 100% in love with Wax Buffalo. Not only are they pure soy and completely delicious smelling, but they are aesthetically appealing and add a lovely touch to my home. It doesn’t take long for their sweet aromas to fill up a room and they burn slowly.

wax buffalo candles

Let me introduce you to Alicia. She is pure joy. (If it’s not already obvious in this picture.) I’ve only had the opportunity to speak with Alicia on a few occasions, but it’s easy to tell that she is full of life and breathes that onto others around her. What started as a sweet hobby of making candles with her grandmother has bloomed into a lovely business and I’m so thankful for that!



You can purchase these candles online or at local businesses in Lincoln and Omaha. (For a complete list contact Alicia). My personal favorites are cinnamon and sweet orange (because who wouldn’t want their house to smell like Anthropologie?)

wax buffalo candles

Alicia is generously giving away two 9oz candles to one lucky winner! Head on over to my instagram account to find out how you can win! And if you’re local, you can find her this Saturday at the farmer’s market. Stop by and say hello, your nose will thank you.

Cheers, Jord.