Giveaway Week // Gracelaced

by jordanfaeh


Ruth from Gracelaced is hands down one of my favorite bloggers. It never fails that her words on motherhood, sanctification, and being a Christian woman come at the exact time I need them. She is the definition of authenticity. She keeps it real, yet she still finds ways to celebrate the beauty that can only be found through His grace. I aspire, one day, to have a blog that is as encouraging and inspiring as hers is to me. While preparing for Giveaway Week, I sent her a message on a whim asking if she would be interested in participating. Her watercolors are outstanding and it only felt fitting to have one of my blogger role models end the week. I’m so thrilled that she agreed to be a part of this and I hope you’ll take some time to read through her blog and view her artwork.



So, meet Ruth! A wife and mama to six boys (aka her man cubs), a phenomenal writer and encourager, and artist. She has a way of putting to words what you were just thinking in your head but didn’t know how to articulate. I often find myself thinking “YES! EXACTLY!” Her genuine writing style makes you sigh a sigh of relief and realize that there is always joy to be found. I’m so thankful that she shares her words and creativity with the rest of us.



In addition to the blog, Ruth also has an online shoppe of her beautiful watercolor prints. She has generously agreed to give away one of my favorite prints to one lucky winner! Head on over to my instagram account to find out how to win, today is the last day to enter!!