by jordanfaeh

Fiddle Leaf Fig“In a culture where we’re in a hurry all the time, in a culture where we’re trying to make it right now, maybe God’s just asking us to slow down and consider this question: what is God doing right now in my life with what I have?” -Will Walker

It was one of those Sunday sermons where my pen couldn’t write fast enough. I felt the Holy Spirit wake up inside me with the clear message of “you need to hear this.” It’s funny, because I actually showed up to church on the grumpy side, not in the mood to sing songs and make small talk. God likes to shake me up when I’m being a stinker.

You see, as I’ve entered the world of blogging and as the newness of motherhood and homemaking wears off, I’m finding that I often feel this unspoken pressure/fear that my life isn’t awesome enough. I sometimes think “is this it for me? Is the rest of my life going to consist of taking care of kids and cleaning the house?” I know well enough to know that taking care of a family is a very high calling, but I watch others taking exciting adventures across the world and making great strides in the career industry, or I see bloggers with beautiful lives in extraordinary places with oodles of friends and I wonder “am I just destined to live a boring life?”

We had a guest speaker at church last Sunday and when he said “life in ministry is ordinary and it’s often in the ordinary where we see God at work,” it struck a chord with me. He said that when we start focusing on the awesomeness of Jesus, suddenly our own agenda starts to fade away. “The gospel give us more beauty, more power, more security than we could have ever achieved on our own. And at the same time, it makes us care less about our status and our achievements than we ever imagined we would care because the pressure’s off. The gospel gives us freedom to lose our lives so that we might find it. To stop trying to make a name for ourselves so we might live for the name of Jesus and the good of others… The gospel gets you outside of yourself. It gets you outside of your personal agenda and what you’re trying to accomplish with your life and it sweeps you up into the mission of God.”

When I’m reminded of that truth, suddenly it matters much less how many people care about what I have to say, how many followers I have on instagram, and what my daily agenda looks like. I can sigh in relief because it really doesn’t matter and instead, I can praise God for my ordinary life and the ways He reveals Himself to me in it. I still love to blog. I love to create. Heck, I like to put a bit of effort into my appearance every now and then, but the difference is that when I’m focused on the gospel, God can be glorified through that all and that is my deepest desire.

I’m so thankful for this ordinary life. I’m SO thankful that being a Christian means I can be freed from the pressure to be great, because I’m already great through Jesus Christ. Gosh, if only I could remember that every minute of every day, right? I hope that if you feel the same pressure of needing to lead an extraordinary life, you’ll have the ability to see the beauty in God’s work where you are right now.

And if you have a little extra time, I encourage you to listen to this sermon. It has been a very necessary reminder for me.

Cheers, Jord.