Telluride Bluegrass Festival

by jordanfaeh

Telluride ColoradoTelluride Colorado   It almost feels offensive to try and capture the beauty of Telluride with a dinky little iPhone. The real thing is better, so much better, but I did my best to capture special moments of our trip and the breathtaking view that surrounded us.

It started five years ago when Truman and I weren’t even engaged yet. I wanted to attend the Telluride Bluegrass Festival so badly because this new band, Mumford & Sons, was going to be there. I’m the unrealistic dreamer in the relationship and he’s the practical one. This made it difficult to convince him that it made total sense to go to a festival when we had zero money and were wanting to get married. I pouted (shamefully) and did the next best thing, listen to a live cast online. The same conversation happened for the next three years. I begged, he laughed and reminded me of our financial state, and I listened to the festival online with a little tear trickling down my cheek (kidding). **Side note: I’m super thankful to have married a man who is very practical and frugal with our finances.** But on Christmas Eve of 2014… he smirked and said “you’re going to freak when you open my gift.” I truly had no idea what it was (which was kind of scary) and I begged and tormented until he finally gave in and let me open my gift a day early. When I saw those tickets I was in complete disbelief. First of all, the festival had already sold out so I had given up hope, and second of all, this was grander than I could have even imagined. It was actually happening.

Telluride ColoradoAnd so on June 17, 2015 we began our 14 (!!!) hour trek across Colorado to attend the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. We had limited time, so we decided to drive for an entire day (bad idea). When we finally reached Mountain Village (9,545 ft) we could hardly breathe and I had a pounding headache. But the VIEW! I had been told that Telluride was a beautiful place, but I wasn’t anticipating this. A little rest and a whole lot of water prepared us for the next few days of fun.

Telluride ColoradoWe put off booking a hotel until the last minute so, of course, everything in Telluride was booked so we had to splurge a little and stay in a studio in Mountain Village. This turned out to be a huge blessing. Instead of having to drive our car every day, we took the gondola into town. The view never got old.


colorado3The first day was completely sunny and hot…and I showed up in a black maxi dress thinking it was going to be a little breezy in the mountains. Ha. I found myself a cute little hippie skirt at one of the vendors and lived in it for the next two days.

Telluride Bluegrass FestivalTelluride Bluegrass FestivalThe next two and a half days consisted of lounging in the grass, chugging water, reading, and doing some serious people-watching. Oh, and enjoying the mountains that surrounded us…  Little babe must have loved the music because she was kicking up a storm the entire time. Even though being in the mountains while pregnant is a little rough, I was so thankful to have her along for the trip.

colorado1colorado2I don’t cry very easily. I tend to have a tough exterior, but music has always been something that can push past that. When I’m experiencing an amazing live show, I can’t keep my eyes dry. I get goosebumps and feel all euphoric and I don’t even have alcohol in my system! We watched John Butler Trio perform the first night and even though most of their stuff isn’t my favorite, they got into this jam session that made the entire trip worth it. The sun was setting over the mountains, the guitar was echoing through the valley, and I felt God’s presence so strongly. There certainly wasn’t worship music being played, but while they jammed and I stood as this tiny speck inside of a glorious valley of mountains, I worshipped. I’ll never forget that.

colorado12We had a great time at the festival and we will definitely be coming back! It was very family friendly so I hope to bring the girls along one day when they are a little older. It’s funny how during my regular, mundane days of motherhood, I fantasize of taking a vacation and getting a break, but the entire time I ached for my girlies. Time away is good, but I’m back where Monday morning grocery trips, minivans, and major tantrums exist and I’m totally okay with it.

colorado11Cheers, Jord.