Summer Lately

by jordanfaeh

summerlately6   // Dress (Loft) Sandals (Target) //

summerlately1^^^ 25 week bump! ^^^

This dress isn’t technically maternity, but finding cute, affordable maternity clothing isn’t easy so I like to turn regular items into bump-friendly items. All you have to do is hike up that belt and you’ve got plenty of room to grow! Plus, you get more bang for your buck since you can wear it even after pregnancy. Win, win.

summerlately7We have settled into a slower pace of life this summer. I can hardly believe it’s already almost mid July. I like knowing that we have a beautiful fall ahead of us (and a new baby) but I’m not at all ready to even think about saying goodbye to these warm, lazy days. Once the warm weather hits, I find that my to-do lists get smaller and our plans for the day become less structured. This is good and bad. Good, because sometimes I need to let go of my need for control and just enjoy the moment in front of me. Bad, because there have been many a nights where it’s dinner time and I realize I don’t have anything to prepare (way too many PB&J’s)!

summerlately3Along with the slower pace comes a guilt that I have to frequently fight off. When it comes to the blog and the Lincoln Style account, there is so much I want to do and so many ideas brewing but truthfully all I want to do is lay around with a good book and play outside with my girls. I’ve always been an all-or-nothing personality. I dive fully into something or it fades away; balance has never been my forte. So I’m in that foggy middle of trying to just enjoy being a mama and the freedom that summer brings while also trying to awaken my inner #girlboss. I’m far from finding the formula, but I’m working on being content with that.

summerlately4With each day I get more and more anxious to meet my baby girl. I feel a very strong bond with her already. It could be the fact that I’ve dreamed about her before she was even conceived or the fact that it took a lot of patience to get pregnant with her. I adore my growing belly and our times spent together in the evening, feeling her move around. Penny is so proud of her ultrasound pictures and even informed me once that her baby sister was crying in her tummy.

summerlately5Little Miss June is finally walking around (like a drunk, I might add) and still carries quite the attitude. She’s 100% incapable of hiding her emotion on her face and it’s hilarious.

summerlately2One of Penny’s favorite things to do is gather rocks and throw them into the lake. Watching her imagination and sense of adventure unfold has been one of my favorite things about the summer. She loves to dramatically prance through the grass, pretending she’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast or twirl her “cumbrella” around singing “it’s a jolly holiday with Mary!” Dirty fingers and scraped knees have been her constant wardrobe, as it should be.

summerlately9Summer has been good to us thus far and we intend to enjoy the rest of it to the fullest! If you found the special formula to relaxing while also staying motivated send it this way!

Cheers, Jord.