Third Trimester Style

by jordanfaeh

maternity style// Tank (gap) Skirt (vintage) Sandals (American Eagle–similar on sale) //

I don’t do as much vintage shopping as I would like, but this $5 skirt that I scored when we lived in Omaha is one of my prized possessions. I LOVE mid-length skirts. My husband, Truman, says they remind him of a Sunday school teacher from the 90’s (haha) but I think they are timeless. One of the great things about mid-length skirts is you can hike them up a bit when you’re pregnant! It’s a great way to get use out of your normal wardrobe during pregnancy.

maternity stylematernity styleI am officially in third trimester territory and I’m SO excited about it. Baby girl is kicking so much when I slide into bed each evening and I never get tired of enjoying her movement. Big-sis Penny has become very aware of my growing belly and frequently asks “how’s your baby feeling?” Conveniently, this is around bedtime when she’s trying to stall ;). Or she’ll gently nudge my tummy and say “oh! I’m kickin’ her!” I know three girls is going to be ca-razy but I’m so excited for the girls to meet their baby sis.

We have finally reached the time of year where all of the beautiful pregnant mamas I know are starting to have their babies (my sister included). I love, love, love all of the fun new lives entering the world but I must admit it’s not helping my patience. For most of this pregnancy I have been doing so well– enjoying the freedom of not having a baby attached to my boob 24/7 and whatnot, but when I hold a tiny newborn it makes me ache to meet my baby girl. I was so fortunate to be able to witness my niece being born and it made me strangely excited for labor and that wonderful moment of bringing a baby into the world.

I love summer. So much. And I’m not ready to say goodbye to it AT. ALL. But I’m okay with knowing that if fall is around the corner, so is our new family member. So for the next two months, I plan to enjoy every hot day, every night of decent sleep, every outfit that doesn’t need to be easily accessible to my chest, every kick and push inside my tummy, the beautiful way I feel when I see a round belly in the mirror, and every special moment I can get with the girls. We’re still in the season of waiting, but excitement is on the horizon and it gives me butterflies…or maybe gas. But whatever.

maternity style

Cheers, Jord.