Feya Candle Co.

by jordanfaeh

feya1   It’s no secret that I’m a lover of candles. I firmly believe that they are an essential piece to a cozy home and I think they help create memories without you even knowing it. Not only am I proud that this candle company started out of Lincoln, Nebraska, but they are going beyond just selling candles to make a difference in the world.


I met with Sarah Mullins, the brains behind the operation, earlier this summer. As we got acquainted on my patio, her passion for this business became so apparent. This isn’t just a job for Sarah, but a lifestyle. She opened her store, formerly known as Hallow Candle Co, in 2010 but as her vision for the business grew, she decided to re-brand and expand the company in 2013. Feya Candles can now be purchased at many boutiques across the United States and with every candle purchased, a child in need will receive a meal. You can learn more about that process through this video.


To find out how you can purchase a Feya candle, visit their website. These pure soy, hand poured candles burn with pride in our home and we are so excited to follow along as we watch Sarah make a difference.



Over the summer, Sarah is embarking on a cross-country giving tour where she is selling candles at over 30 different cities and using the profits to feed the hungry at various soup kitchens and homeless shelters. You can follow along on her journey through her Facebook page. If she stops at a city near you, be sure to show your support! I’m so excited for her final stop here in Lincoln on September 18! Find out more about the event here.

A business with a purpose. I’m so proud to support Sarah and I cannot wait to watch her company change lives. (P.S. My current favorite is the Creme Brulee.)