Pink Blush Maternity

by jordanfaeh

maternity dress            I’m a stubborn gal. And during my first pregnancy I was stubborn enough to think that I could get away without having to buy maternity clothes. Assuming that all maternity clothing was too expensive and a waste of money, I stretched out my regular t-shirts and lived in leggings and felt “blah” almost all of the time. I’ve been around the block once or twice (or three times, if we’re counting) with this pregnancy thing and I can confidently say that investing in maternity clothing is worth it. Even if it’s just a few staple pieces here and there. I have found that my overall attitude and self esteem changes when I invest a little in my physical appearance and that’s important when your belly is growing and making you feel sore and tired.

maternity dressThis is where Pink Blush Maternity comes in. Stylish AND affordable. They have a huge selection that caters to every personality and size. Even better, most of their pieces can be worn long after that baby belly is gone. That’s always a bonus in my book. This light-weight cardigan above is the perfect transition piece from late summer to early fall. I can put it over many of my summer dresses or even over a pair of shorts or jeans and it adds the perfect bohemian touch.

maternity dressmaternity dressmaternity dress

maternity maxi dressThis peach maternity maxi dress is my way of holding onto summer. Even though I love many things about fall, I never grow tired of the bright green landscapes and warm summer sun. Changing seasons are fun for a while but I think I could be happy with summer forever. This maxi dress has that easy-going, bohemian vibe that I love.

maternity maxi dressmaternity maxi dressmaternity clothesAnd lastly, an essential to every maternity wardrobe: the kimono. The kimono has this beautiful way of taking a plain outfit and giving it character. You can be comfortable in your favorite basic maternity tee or dress and when you throw a kimono over the top you can be stylish and comfortable. Again, this piece fits right in with my preferred bohemian style and I’m excited to wear it a ton as we transition into fall. (OH! And major bonus…it doesn’t fall off your shoulders!!! I have had a few kimonos that gradually slip down your shoulders and it drives me crazy. This one stays put.)

maternity clothesmaternity clothesSpecial shout out to the hubs who would rather have teeth pulled than take my style pictures, but does it anyway because he loves me (and I still haven’t found a go-to photographer). Love ya, babe.

maternity clothesI probably sound like a broken record, but summer maternity style is just the best maternity style. Head on over to Pink Blush to check out all the goodies. (And they have non-maternity clothing so everyone wins!!)

Cheers to feeling pretty and growing humans!