Here Below

by jordanfaeh

Here Below tshirt  There are so many creative and motivating local businesses in Nebraska. Here Below is one of them.

Seth Rexilius, owner and designer of the brand, had a vision to re-create the christian t-shirt; he believes that what we wear should send a message and serve as a reminder to us and those who see it that we stand firm in the faith and build our lives around it. Truthfully, when I think of christian t-shirts with a message, I think of the frameless, usually neon, shirts with a cheesy message (and probably a fish) on it. Here Below has taken quality, stylish shirts and added simple, but powerful messages to them.

Soli Deo Gloria. Glory to God alone. I’m proud to wear this (super comfortable) shirt and I pray that the message stands loud and clear in my life.

I’m also very excited to be teaming up with Here Below to give away $50 and $25 store credit to two lucky Cinnamon Girl Blog readers! Head over to my instagram account to find out how you can win!

Here Below tshirt

Here Below tshirtI asked Seth to give my readers a little information on Here Below and here’s what he had to say…

I launched Here Below in the fall of 2014 for one reason: to reimagine the “christian” shirt. My goal with ever Here Below product is to bring three quality things together: design, material, and messaging. It’s easy to find products that are one of those things, and sometimes two. It’s pretty hard to find something that is designed well (please no more Papyrus font), made on quality material (does anyone truly enjoy those heavy, awkward cotton tees?) with messaging that is actually meaningful and inspiration (please stop with the cheesy pop-culture references and trite idioms).

I’ve been a professional designer/art director/creative director for the past decade, so I’ve always had an appreciation for good typography and thoughtful design. Additionally, somewhere along the way in the past five years I developed an affinity for these soft, light triblend shirts. And I’ve always marveled at the poetic beauty of grace in our everyday lives. So after years of thinking and planning and imagining what this brand should and could be, I finally decided to go for it.

If you believe that every life is a story with purpose, and there are no wasted characters or moments or tasks, then there is incomprehensible wonder brimming under the surface of every single day. But we’re so easily distracted and numbed. We get discouraged and we disconnect from the reality right in front of us. Life, at times, is hard and tragic. But it’s always full of beauty and hope and joy if we can open our eyes to see it. Truth and goodness win.

The things we wear should be a reflection of the things we believe and live for. It seems simple, but rare. Here Below is trying to do a small part in filling that gap, and inspiring both the people who wear the shirts, as well as the people who see the shirts, to remember and reflect upon the truth we build our lives on and the joy set before us. Our shirts can actually be an encouragement to those around us. If we can do that – and be really comfortable while doing it – then I believe that’s a cause worthy enough to craft a brand around. Praise God all creatures Here Below.

Here Below tshirt
here below