Labor Day Weekend

by jordanfaeh

maternity style// Mama Bird Tee (The Bee and the Fox) Dress (Forever21) Sandals (American Eagle) //

With cooler temperatures around the corner, I feel the need to get as much use as possible out of my summer wardrobe before storing it all away (along with my tears). I rarely shop at Forever21 because I try to invest in higher quality clothing, but I loved the length of this dress and purchased it a few summers ago when I was pregnant with June. It’s not meant for maternity but it’s nice and stretchy and most importantly it’s comfortable. I had to jump on the mama-bird-tee-train because it’s just so cute and even though it definitely does not fit over this 34 week belly I found a way around that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

labor day weekendLabor Day weekend began with our Friday morning tradition of pastries. I even decided to be a fun mom and let Penny wear a princess dress while we ran errands. ๐Ÿ˜‰

labor day weekend(I just like this picture because she’s so dang cute. That’s all.)maternity style

maternity style

Truman and I went on a date Friday night. We visited Sunken Gardens where everything doubled in size (holy giant leaves), we ate at one of my favorite Italian restaurants and lingered on a coffee shop patio until his allergies couldn’t take it anymore. Some date nights we find ourselves quiet and lacking energy, just enjoying eachother’s presence without much to say, but this time we talked and talked and used the most of what little time we had alone. I cherish these moments together knowing that pretty soon we’re heading into newborn territory and we’ll rarely be alone together.

labor day weekendlabor day weekend

On Saturday my mom and I took Penny to the apple orchard to pick apples while the rest of the state of Nebraska watched the first Husker football game of the season. It was SO hot (hence the bright red cheeks) but the orchard was nice and quiet. Penny loved to pick the apples and insisted on dragging the bag all by herself. We spent the rest of the weekend lounging around at home. I’m certain that three-day weekends should become a permanent thing.

September came out of nowhere and brought a little anxiety along with it. The realization that I’m about a month away from having three children (all in diapers, I might add…don’t get me started) hit me like a brick wall and I started to panic a little. It doesn’t help that those lovely third trimester woes started showing up like sleepless nights, indigestion, and crampy everything. I try not to complain often because I really do love being pregnant and carrying a life and I love my children so much and I wouldn’t trade the timeline of our family for anything but sometimes a mom just needs the freedom to say “holy (expletive of your choice), things are about to get crazy.” I needed to have my freak out session before I hunkered down and started preparing for and celebrating this new life that we are about to meet.

September is going to look a lot like laying down whatever fears I’m holding onto and giving up my need for control as we enter a new season (literally and figuratively). Even if God has to pry it from my fingers.

Cheers, Jord.