The Be Groovy Tee

by jordanfaeh


I think we can all agree that motherhood is incredibly challenging.

It magnifies our weaknesses and insecurities, it stretches us further than we thought possible, and it demands our constant attention. Most of the time we gladly make the necessary sacrifices to care for our family because we love them so much and understand that this job requires a degree of selflessness. After three kiddos, however, I’m finding that in order to stay sane as a mother, I have to know when it’s okay to be a little selfish. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean giving up my passions and hobbies. Sure, it’s much harder to find time to do things I’m interested in, but I can care for others much easier when my tank is full and I’m cultivating my creative side.



Last year I sat on the porch with my husband after putting our kiddos to bed and I told him about this idea that I had. When we were dating, we watched this Bob Dylan documentary where he said something that always stuck with us: “hey, be groovy or leave, man”. We would joke with our children when they were throwing a tantrum and it became this unofficial mantra in our home. Oftentimes when I get an idea, I don’t have the resources or I’m too nervous to follow through with it. I kept silent about my shirt idea for quite a while because I knew there wasn’t a guarantee for success, but I realize now that even if I don’t have the obvious type of success that I desire, I’m successful in the sense that I followed through with a dream and I allowed myself to pursue something just for me. A tiny side project where I don’t have to be the mom in sweatpants who cleans the kitchen a million times a day, but I get to be Jordan, the girl with a passion for style and merchandising and music.



So this little t-shirt is so much more than a t-shirt for me. It’s a symbol for celebrating the creativity that God gave me and saying yes to it. Joe from Little Mountain Print Shoppe helped me with the design and printing and I’m so happy with the final product! I wanted the shirt to look like a vintage, worn tee so the ink is slightly faded. I hope you love it as much as I do and I can’t wait to see it on your little ones!


My Etsy shop is officially open! Take a look and tell EVERYONE: The Cinnamon Girl Shop

Wishing you the grooviest vibes on this Monday!

(Shout out to our friend, Bill Griepenstroh, for these amazing photos!)