Apple Orchard

by jordanfaeh

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So, if you follow along on any social media platform of mine, you know that I am 100% a summer girl. I want to live where the sun always shines and it’s 80 degrees. Saying goodbye to summer isn’t easy for me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love autumn, but knowing my favorite season is a year away makes me want to cry into my pillow for a bit. However, there is something beautiful about living in a place that fully experiences all four seasons. Whether you’re ready or not, you’re carried through the rhythms and you get the chance to start fresh and indulge in the special gems that are saved specially for the time. Visiting the apple orchard is one of those things.

I love to write out a “bucket list” for our family each fall–a list of activities and events to try throughout September and October. We chose the perfect day to check off the first activity on our list. It was breezy and the apple orchard was quiet while most of the state prepared for the first football game of the season. We rode the trailer through rows of trees and took our time finding the best honeycrisps (my personal favorite).


Penny insisted on carrying her bag of apples and June was only concerned with taking a bite.We’ve been doing this since the girls were babies and it gets better and better as they age. Watching the girls explore and have fun brings me so much joy.

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The transition to autumn is really lovely. I crack open my windows on a crisp morning while the big band music plays and my favorite fall candle fills the house. My tea kettle whistles and I pour hot water into my favorite chai mix and I sit underneath a blanket before anyone’s awake to open my Bible in silence. There is so much romance in the changing of the trees! We’re only on the edge of autumn, but I eagerly anticipate all the goodness it brings and we plan to enjoy it to the fullest.


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We came home from the orchard and I poured myself a glass a wine, put on some jazz music, put my favorite soup on the stove, and made apple butter in the crockpot while my husband watched the game. It felt like the official welcoming of a new season (even though it was 90 degrees the rest of the weekend ha!).

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We welcome you, Fall. Please be gentle as we say goodbye to a dear friend.

I’m excited to share all of my favorite fall things with you soon, including our family bucket list! Stay tuned and have a great week!