Family Photos


It can be a scary thing to take family photos. Children are so unpredictable and professional photos can be extremely pricey and you can get easily stressed by the whole thing. But. We didn’t have a nice photo of all of us since Maggie was born and I really wanted to commemorate this crazy, chaotic, but really beautiful season we’re in.


Nebraska is FULL of amazing photographers. Seriously. I could make a very long list of photographers that I would love to capture our family, but what it came down to for us is the price. We aren’t in the place to be spending hundreds of dollars on family photos especially when our children are so young and don’t really cooperate and we’d like to add to our family at some point. As I searched for newer photographers looking for more experience, I was reminded that Truman had a cousin nearby who has a photography business. She’s in high school and is looking to gain more experience with families.

I was amazed at how talented she already was at such a young age! I loved that we could partner up with family and her price was very reasonable. I think the key to taking photos with littles is to go in with very low expectations. I knew the girls weren’t going to sit still for very long and we brought along m&m’s to encourage them to cooperate for a little longer 🙂 #noshame




^^^June was so over photos at this point. It cracks me up that she’s the creeper in the background.


^^^This is probably the most accurate picture of our life right now, ha!







If you live around Lincoln and are looking for an affordable photographer I highly recommend Jessie! You can view her website here.

Cheers to embracing the crazy!