My Favorite Things


I had a completely random thought the other day that caught me by surprise.

Our world is very driven by the influence of others. This isn’t always a bad thing. Some mom might share her favorite recipe with me and suddenly it becomes a staple in our house. Or I might read a blog about this book someone recommends and I’ll add it to my Amazon cart. It’s fun to discover new things and adopt new interests and get inspired, but I realized that I hadn’t stopped once to think about what I love. What are the things that I’ve naturally become drawn to? What are the things that would still be a part of my life if the internet didn’t exist? What are the things that I’m passionate about? What are the items that have subconsciously worked their way into my daily/weekly routine? What are the things I love that haven’t been recommended by some hip mom on Instagram?


Social media is a great tool to inspire creativity and encourage others with glimpses into our own lives. I won’t get into the downsides of comparison because we already know all of that. What I hadn’t considered, though, is the fact that social media has a tendency to form my likes and interests in a very gradual and disguised way. It makes me wonder how much of us is influenced by others? And also, are we just playing the game? I have to remind myself often when reading blogs that many of these bloggers are being funded/supported by a company that wants you to buy their product. They’ve hired a cool girl with a sh*t ton of followers to make their product look cool and then suddenly dozens of other girls think they need that too (I’m 100% guilty of this). And like I said, it’s not always a bad thing! Sometimes I end up really loving that product or tip and that’s great too.

Am I making any sense? Am I completely alone in this? I guess what I’m saying is as I get older, I want to continue to strive to give social media and blog influences a proper place, but a small one. I want to utilize them for what they’re good for, but I don’t want them to distract me from finding my own creativity and my own interests, whether they are Instagram-worthy or not. For the most part, I want to be in a place where my life would look the same whether I was going to share bits of in on social media or not.



So. The only proper reaction I could think of was to come up with a list of things I love. Not things that I wish I loved (like cooking, or using all-natural products, or skincare, etc.) but things that I’ve come across over the years that have become a part of my life to a certain degree.

  1. J.CREW CAMP SOCKS My mom bought me a pair 6 years ago and I’ve loved them ever since. They are thick and cozy and the perfect thing to wear around the house during the colder months.
  2. MONDAY MORNINGS ON KZUM I discovered our town’s local radio station back in college. Some of it I don’t care for at all (not a big blues fan and they play it EVERY afternoon) but every Monday morning an older gentleman named Con Good comes on the radio and from 8 to 10 he plays the best of big band music. It is my favorite way to start the week. His voice is gentle and friendly and I really wish he was my grandpa. You can live stream it via their  website.
  3. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Over the years, I have grown to really love instrumental/classical music. There is so much noise in my life so I think that genre of music brings a necessary gentleness that I need. My sister calls it Hobby Lobby music. I call it peace.
  4. REVIVE OUR HEARTS This ministry has played a huge role in my spiritual maturity. I respect Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth so much and I’m thankful for her wisdom and insight into the scriptures. No, it’s not very hip. The intro music is a bit cheesy. But the teaching is so solid. I often put her podcasts on while I’m cleaning the house. I went through a phase during the early years of motherhood where I always had a Netflix show playing throughout the day and I didn’t like how it made it feel. Listening to podcasts was a great transition out of that and it made me feel more intentional about my time.
  5. WOMEN OF THE WORD This book is a GAME CHANGER. I didn’t grow up with a very solid foundation in scripture so I approach the Word very timidly. Jen Wilkin has played a huge role in giving me confidence to study God’s word for myself instead of just turning to scholars to tell me what it says. In turn, it has given me a love for the Bible like I’ve never known before.
  6. VANILLA CHAI I worked at a coffee shop in high school that sold this brand of chai and I haven’t found anything else that can even compete with it. I love to stir it into some warm almond milk at night before bed. Soooo good.
  7. JAZZ/BIG BAND I love love love jazz. Especially in the fall. There’s nothing better than jazz music on a crisp fall day. Truman and I are currently taking dance lessons so we learn how to dance to this genre of music. Even if it’s just in the middle of our living room.
  8. WEEKLY PLANNER The notepad I actually use doesn’t exist any more. It’s Sugar Paper from Target and I can’t find it anywhere online. But if I had to choose another one, it would be this. I’m a big list-maker. Every Sunday night, I sit on the couch with my planner and calendar and write down everything that needs to get done that week. I’m a visual person so I need to see it written out in order for me to gain motivation to do it. It’s an added bonus when you can write it on cute stationary 🙂

That’s it for now. It’s nothing glamorous, but these few things are significant to me and I love that they naturally weaved their way into my life. What are those things for you? Have you ever thought about it? I would love to hear.

Cheers, Jord.