3 Years

by jordanfaeh


7 jobs. 4 moves. 2 babies. 3 years.

We had NO idea what the future held when we said “I do” three years ago. All we knew was that we were young, it was probably going to be hard, but it was worth it if that meant being together. Most people like to cut out some stress by doing school, marriage, career, THEN children. That’s definitely not us and our life has been one hell of a roller coaster. But I’d do it all over again (maybe with another wedding dress…that fit…I’m not bitter or anything…).

The Lord has provided for us over and over again at the PERFECT times. We’ve learned (and are learning) how to work through really hard issues and be a team. I have gained so much respect for Truman as I’ve watched him work his butt off so I can be home with the girls. The craziness of life with two babes tries the push romance aside. But we’re fighting for it. Because that’s what it takes (I’m finding). Intention. Effort. That surface-love they feed you in the movies is just fine and dandy for a time, but it’s the love that stays when the butterflies are gone that grows a marriage. It’s finding your husband in the kitchen late at night washing the dishes for you, it’s the tight embrace as you fall asleep feeling like you don’t have the strength to face tomorrow, it’s the bedtime stories echoing through the hallway. It’s selfless, it’s serving, it’s forgiving. I’m so incredibly thankful for this ridiculously crazy love I’ve been given with Truman. He’s my mirror, my other half, and an amazing example of Christ. Here’s to many more crazy-wonderful years (and many more babies πŸ™‚ )

Our song.

On another note, here’s a little kiddo update.


Penny loves hiding behind the curtains. She thinks we can’t see her and she gets a kick out of watching us “look” for her. She’s getting pretty feisty when it comes to obedience so we’ve had to really focus on it. When I’m discussing with her why it’s not okay to tell mommy “no” she’ll say “all doh, why you” (all done, love you). We’re trying to get her to say “ok” when we tell her to do something and it comes out “I doh”. She also thinks every semi is a train so when we pass one she’ll say “choo choo!” It’s too cute to correct.


Miss June survived her first road trip to KC and did pretty well. She’s eating and sleeping great (something I’m not used to). Her face lights up when you give her your undivided attention. She’s my little sweetheart.